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Welcome to Peter's Expediting Ltd.

Based in Baker Lake, Peter’s Expediting Ltd. provides logistics services to resource development companies operating projects in the Kivalliq Region of Nunavut.

PEL is a registered 100% Inuit-owned, operated and managed Inuit firm company that employs a majority Inuit workforce.

PEL has been providing cargo and freight services within Baker Lake and the Kivalliq Region since 1998.

We have expanded our services to include:

  • Airline passenger and cargo handling for commercial and charter flights in and out of Baker Lake

  • Overland Hauling – bulk freight over winter roads to remote mining exploration sites.

  • Local freight pick up and delivery

  • Annual Sealift coordination and discharge

  • Purchasing and procurement

  • Warehousing and storage

  • Transportation and cargo delivery services to remote locations

  • Expediting and Logistics support

  • Ice Bridge Building


Through our network of partnerships, PEL can get your freight from anywhere in the world to the most remote locations in Nunavut.


Expediting & Logistics Support

Our partnerships allow PEL access to the Winnipeg-Churchill corridor to provide support to customers wanting goods shipped from southern locations to the Kivalliq region of Nunavut.

Aircraft Ground Handling

We provide ground handling and ramp support for passenger and freight flights to and from Baker Lake for Calm Air. We are also available to handle your freight and baggage handling for charter flights. For all your freight handling needs, please give us a call.

Sealift Coordination

Partnering with Nunavut Sealink & Supply Inc., we can arrange to move your sealift freight into Baker Lake during the summer sealift season. Our heavy equipment is stationed at the dock during barge season and can handle the largest cargo containers (seacans) to the smallest crates, delivered to your door within the community.

Community Consultation

PEL has been an important link between the community and companies wanting to operate in the community and region. Community awareness of proposed developments is a very important component of establishing relationships with community members; and PEL has been involved in helping create and improve these relationships.

Passenger Bussing
                  & Hot Shot Services

We currently provide bus service for weekly crew changes to the local mine site. Our fleet of passenger vans and bus allow us to transport groups of up to 34 passengers for crew changes or community tours.

Hot Shot Services are available on short notice to get those urgent packages to your job site as quickly as possible.

Overland Hauling

In late winter and early spring, we provide freight hauling services with our fleet of overland hauling equipment (Challengers, Case Quad Trac and Foremost Delta). These track type and oversized tire vehicles can travel over the most sensitive tundra on top of the snow, causing minimal damage to the environment. With our equipment and sleds, we can move bulk freight and fuel to your remote locations in the Baker Lake area with ease.

Ice Road/Bridge Building

In the winter of 2018/2019, PEL has gained the experience and equipment necessary to build ice roads and bridges. This expertise will allow our company to be at the forefront in early winter transportation in the coming years.



Peter’s Expediting Ltd. was formed in 1997 to provide essential logistical support for companies operating in the Baker Lake region. Since that time we have grown to a business of over 20 employees, providing transportation of people and goods, as well as freight services to companies operating in and around the community of Baker Lake, with a particular focus on resource development companies.


In summer and early fall, we partner with Nunavut Sealink & Supply Inc. to provide barge offloading services for sealift supplies into Baker Lake.

In late winter and early spring, we provide overland hauling services for mineral exploration and mining companies to move their fuel and freight to sites only accessible through an overland hauling trail over ice and snow.

We are proud to be 100% Inuit-owned and operated, providing local employment, and contributing to the local economy.


Serving Nunavut
           ...and beyond

  • Expediting and Logistics Support

  • Aircraft Ground Handling

  • Overland Hauling

  • Sealift Coordination

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